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Fantom 10.5T ICON-Torque Works Edition Pro Spec Brushless Motor
Fantom 10.5T ICON-Torque Works Edition Pro Spec Brushless Motor
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Ground Breaking Technology! We have forever changed the RC Industry and the way racers think about tuning motors!

The heart of the new ICON is our "Patented" (U.S. Patent D823,803) designed stator and patent pending "Tuning Pins". These 2 key elements will be total game changers for your racing program! Our patented design stator provides maximum torque while producing the most insane RPM ever seen before! Plus we've also added the ability to fine tune your motor via "Patent Pending Tuning Pins". That's correct, another first from Fantom! With our unique design, we've totally eliminated the need for stator screws. Instead we've replaced them with "Tuning Pins" which allows you to fine tune the Torque vs RPM of your motor! Why settle for an all purpose motor when you can have a motor designed to fit your exact application!

Up your game and see for yourself why the all new ICON truly is a Game Changer! Whether you race On-Road or Off-Road, 1S or 2S.....We've got you covered!!

Specs and Features:

  • All R&D Done In The USA
  • Patented Stator Design (U.S. Patent D823,803)
  • New Precision Machined 1-Piece Can Design
  • Center band of can designed around stator for better heat dissapation
  • New High-Power / Low Resistance, 3mm Aluminum, Silver Plated Collector Ring
  • New Patent Pending Tuning Pins, provides multiple options for precise tuning capability
  • New Super High Strength and Heat Resistant Magnet Formula
  • New Sensor Board Design for Improved Deviation Accuracy
  • New Venting Designed to Maximize Heat Dissipation
  • New Maximum Size Allowed, Pure Copper Wire for Lowest Resistance Possible
  • Meets All ROAR, BRCA, IFMAR, EFRA Specifications
  • Premium Grade Kawasaki Steel Stator Plates
  • CNC Machined Billet T6 Aluminum End Plate for Precision Bearing Alignment
  • Maximum Adjustable Timing
  • High RPM Precision Bearings
  • Additional Tuning Options Available Separately
  • ROAR Approval Pending

WORKS – This is our premium motor, built with all available options. Works motors include all of the Team motor options above, plus we add re-shimming the rotor with Teflon shims & spacer, the highest grade AXON X10 hybrid bearings, pro titanium timing adjustment screws. All test results printed and included. This is as good as it gets!!


Re-Shim (standard brass shims) - We adjust the rotor shims so that the rotor "floats" centered properly within the magnetic field. If required, the rotor shaft is also polished to ensure that it fits the inner race of the bearing correctly. We also make sure that it has the correct end play, so that it is not bound up or too loose.

Dyno Test - Your motor is tested on our Fantom dyno, through an ESC. The ESC is set at the default settings (no added programming). This test evaluates RPM, Power and Torque.

Rotor Strength Test - Your rotor is tested to make sure it meets proper specs. If we find that the rotor does not meet our strict standards, we will replace it. With this test, the rotor's magnetic field strength is tested on our Fantom Facts Machine v3 rotor tester.

Coil Resistance Test - Your stator is tested to make sure it meets proper specs. With this test, we evaluate the ohms resistance of your stator to make sure it meets proper specs and to detect shorts. Each coil is tested individually. If we find that the stator does not meet our strict standards, we will replace it. With this test, the stator coils are tested on an Instek GOM-801H, which is the same as ROAR uses.

Set Motor Timing - To set your timing, we use the highly accurate Motolyser brushless motor tester. IMPORTANT: We set the timing based on blinky mode ESC operation.

Motor Evaluation - All Team motors are evaluated using the highly accurate Motolyser brushless motor tester. This includes checking the rotor strength and asymmetry, as well as the sensor board deviation and timing accuracy. We do not include Motolyser test results, but all Team motors are guaranteed to meet our strict Motolyser tolerances.