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Ascendancy Racing Pr21bs .21 Nitro Buggy Engine With Balance Crank
Ascendancy Racing Pr21bs .21 Nitro Buggy Engine With Balance Crank
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Product Code: ASD10300036

PR Racing .21 engine. This engine is a 5 + 2 port racing engine with turbo plug. Head is black in color with milling on 4 sides and graphics on top. The sleeve on this motor is modded around all intake ports. Additionally, the PR21BS motor has a modded crank with ramping and balancing.

Specifications :

  • Displacement : 3.45cc
  • Maximum Power : 2.6hp
  • R.P.M : 38.000rpm
  • Practical Range : 6.000/40.000rpm
  • Bore/Stroke : 16.26mm/16.80mm
  • Ports : 5+2 (Modified)
  • CrankShaft : 14mm SG (PR Tuned)
  • Carburetor : 8mm
  • Glow Plug Type : Turbo
  • Exhaust Type : Rear

    From the very 1st time you start your engine, plop the car on the ground & begin running it in a parking lot in 2-3 minute intervals, tuned only *slightly rich* getting the temps up in the 200F range on a normal day. Every 2-3 minutes, shut the engine down & let it cool completely with the piston at BDC (bottom dead center), and then fire it back up; continue this cycle until you've run 15 min or so, and then bump up to 3-4 minute intervals. Vary the RPM and don't be afraid to get the temps in the 200's. What you want is heat cycling of the components without the incredible stress that comes with breaking an engine in when it's overly rich & cold. After cycling the engine in this mannerfor about 25-30 total minutes, it'll be ready for the track and race tuning. I realize this method goes against the old-school "idle on the box" routine, but you'll be amazed once you've completed this break-in routine, your engine will still have amazing pinch w/out sticking at the top AND your engine's compression will last far longer than it will with the "old school" method."